1. Is there any fee to use BitCudo wallet?

BitCudo does not charge any fees to use this wallet. It is always free. Your transaction will include only network mining fees for your transaction confirmation.

2. What is a wallet?

Wallet is a security bag to store your bitcoins. Wallet is used to send and receive the bitcoins. Even your weekly or monthly savings are also safe here in the form of bitcoins. You can safely create a wallet with BitCudo and access it anytime and anywhere.

3. What happen to my bitcoins if BitCudo services are not available?

Don’t worry. If BitCudo services are not available, in that case your bitcoins are totally safe in your wallet. You can restore your wallet by using the BitCudo backup recovery document and easily can get the full access of your bitcoins.

4. How do I remember 32 digit wallet address?

It is very difficult to remember 32 digit wallet address. That’s why BitCudo gives you the facility of giving a name to your wallet. Like if your address is( 4AEoP2XZerTFG5OUYnmJhgf4PolDfSAn), you can give it some name like (Peaceful Life) and it is easy to remember.

5. How can I send bitcoin?

You can send bitcoins to any address by just clicking the send button on the website. You can send bitcoins to any address, contact or QR code.

6. Can I buy or sell bitcoins through BitCudo wallet?

Yes, you can safely buy and sell bitcoins through BitCudo wallet. Just click “buy” button to buy bitcoins and fill the amount of which you want to buy bitcoins and click “sell” button to sell bitcoins and fill the given form.

7. Why I see new bitcoin addresses whenever I do a new transaction?

Don’t worry, if you see new bitcoin wallets addresses whenever you do a new transaction. Our wallets are created on HD (hierarchachial deterministic) technology. When you receive any incoming payments, a new unique wallet address will automatically be created and displayed in your wallets list.
This activity is done in order to avoid any hacker attack on your account. Because if you use same address every time to receive incoming payments, then it becomes very easy for anyone to track your entire payment deals. This technology is specially designed to improve the privacy in your payment history.